Core Values

Innovation-driven development
Work better together
Foreign enterprises to win the trust of customers, establish a good brand reputation;
To win the trust of the people, building a harmonious and efficient management team.
The same is always backward, innovation and development;
Concerned about change, advancing with the times, the pursuit of excellence.
Pay close attention to customers, employees and all partners;
Good cooperation with all interested parties, and grow together in cooperation.

We believe that a competent professional manager should have the following qualities:

(1)The depth of integration into the company culture, create a harmonious atmosphere, cultivate the cohesion and centripetal force of the members of the organization;

(2)With global and strategic thinking, innovation, responsibility, accept the challenge;

(3)Have the awareness and ability of cross department cooperation, and take the initiative to communicate and solve problems on the premise of adhering to the principle;

(4)Be good at hiring, coaching and coaching;

(5)Honest, honest dedication, fair evaluation and encourage members of the organization.

Things in a hurry when using the phone, meetings, interviews and other interactive ways, do not worry about the use of e-mail, communication will be the conclusion of the write down, after the event to take the initiative to return results.

The person who provides the advice may specify who is to be implemented and the implementation of the proposal.

Objectives: meet or exceed customer expectations

Policy: customer satisfaction, quality first; rapid response, prevention oriented; continuous improvement, the pursuit of excellence.

Commitment: a month and returned, one year warranty, life-long service, twenty-four hours to respond to customer needs

Rule: "good faith" for customers to create a "harmony" of the internal and external environment; people-oriented, give full play to the initiative of each person; result oriented, solve the most trivial things with the most simple method; this is the three basic standards of our operation and management