Evoc Intelligent Technology Company Limited in the development process of nineteen years do not forget to return to society, and actively fulfill corporate social responsibility. For a long time in a variety of ways to actively adhere to participate in social welfare and charity activities: first blood type poverty alleviation, take the lead in sand in Alashan, participate in "Dream Park" charity auction, donated Tibet school for the blind, caring mother cellar, earthquake relief donations, caring for marine environment, Tibet aid aided Motuo kindergarten, primary school and Beijing red dragon heap GA Limin primary school children of migrant workers in Yanbian and Ningxia, to support public welfare.

Teach people to fish rather than give it to fish, poor technology to promote regional development

Since 1999, the area of Guangdong EVOC Xinyuan County, Heyuan province Guangxi city Wuzhou, Henan Lankao County because of poverty failed to be admitted to the university students to carry out poverty alleviation work technology. Every year from these areas recruiting dozens of poor students to EVOC special computer production base for technical training, so that these young students after the EVOC professional training and work, led to the building of local home automation and information technology, has become a part of a backbone of the local information research.

Production line staff


In earthquake relief Our wills unite like a fortress.

May 12, 2008, Sichuan, Wenchuan 8 Magnitude strong earthquake. In the face of disaster suffering, EVOC group quickly launched a rescue plan for disaster relief. In the group of Party branch and trade union committee of the organization under the initiative, EVOC group4000Staff love quickly gathered, the factory, the donation box branch office was immediately filled with people's deep love and.

In addition, at home in the earthquake stricken area and distress staff and their families to carry out directional support, pass the love to the people in the disaster areas.

Sichuan earthquake donations


Care for mother water cellar, public spirited activities

2008New year's day, CCTV in spring 2007, drop convergence of love "large commonweal party scene, Chen Zhi column" mother water cellar project donated three hundred thousand yuan in cash to fund Chinese women's development and said: "we are a professional company engaged in science and technology, but professional enterprises should give more love in social welfare and assistance to vulnerable groups, and willing to each employee and public demand as their own business, and it will be well!"

Love is the West Shared maternal love certificate

Love of the earth Cellar Caring Enterprise Award

CCTV“Chunnuan 2007 Drip brings together love" large-scale public welfare party